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Different Types of Truck Bed Liners and Their Benefits

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As a truck owner, you’ve probably asked yourself whether or not a truck bed liner would be a good thing to purchase. The answer is usually - if not always - yes. Before you actually buy one though, take time to know the different kinds of truck bed liners you will find today.


Spray-on liners are exactly as they sound: they’re made of a substance that you literally spray onto your truck using a manufacturer-supplied applicator. That means your truck bed will be sealed airtight, allowing no amount of dirt, water and other loose materials to get in. Spray-on liners are a good way to avoid damages too, such as abrasion, rusting and corrosion.


The concept behind Taylor exhaust systems is as easy that for spray-ons. A drop-in liner is no more than a sheet of plastic “dropped” into the bed and fastened in place. One thing with drop-in liners, however, is that loose materials can still find their way through the gaps, and the bolts are, of course, likely to come loose after some time. However, they cost less than spray-on liners do.

Spray-on Versus Drop-In

Here’s the deal: spray-on bed liners are the best ones to get.

Spray-on truck bed liners are straight-out better than drop-in liners for a variety of reasons.

First off, their versatility is unmatched. After all, all you need to do is spray it on your truck bed! There’s no need for concerns about sizing and making sure the liner fits. Provided you spray the entire surface that you want to protect, it will work all the way. You get to save time and also energy. Know more info here!

Moreover, spray-on liners will never shift positions or dislodge, being actually stuck to the metal part of the truck bed. They’re unmovable! On the other hand, drop-in liners are likely to rip or crack, giving moisture a chance to leak inside and the metal to rust. Finally, spray-on liners are drastically lower maintenance compared to other types of truck bed liners you’ll find nowadays. Just another thing responsible for their massive popularity. Spray-ons can be higher-priced when you talk about buying price, but in time, you will see that they are your least expensive option overall.

Other Types

A carpet can be adhered to the truck bed’s metal portion, making a partly protective surface that will do well for moving sensitive stuff. Rubber can also be an option but hardly as effective as hard plastic or spray-ons. Lastly, wood can also serve the purpose, but again, it may not be as great as plastic or spray-on because it is sure to rot over time.